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Views are placed immediately after your order is processed. Results are typically experienced within hours. Nevertheless, please wait at least 24 hours to see results; YouTube doesn’t update its view counters in real time.

The main social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can select where your views come from.

YouTube defines Retention Rate as “an overall measure of how well your video keeps its audience.” High Retention, therefore, is where your video keeps its audience for all or most of its duration; it also improves search engine optimization (SEO).

Please see our YouTube views services with the word “Monetized” in their title.

A service we offer that allows you to automatically place the same order multiple times. Suppose you want 1,000 likes on your Instagram post, but you specifically want 100 likes every 30 minutes. In that case, you would order as follows:

Link: [Your Post]; Link Quantity: 100 Orders: 10 (if you want to place this order 10 times; if you want 2,000 likes, you will place the order times, etc.).

Interval: 30 (since you want 100 likes on your Instagram post every 30 minutes). If you want likes to be provided hourly, you would insert ’60.’ (Time intervals are measured in minutes.)

Our services have ‘service maximums.’ You should never order more than this maximum, which is identifiable with the service’s name and description. For example, if a service’s maximum is 4,000, the calculation would be 400 (quantity) times 10 (number of order placements).

In addition, never set the Interval below the actual start time. (For example, some services need at least 60 minutes to start; setting the Interval to less than 60 minutes for such a service will therefore cause the order to fail.

“An impression is when an ad is fetched from its source, and is countable. An impression is counted each time your ad is shown on a search result page or other site.”

When you mention someone (e.g. @abcde) on Instagram, @abcde will receive a notification to check the post you have mentioned it in.

Instagram allows its users to save post to their Instagram history by pressing the ‘Save’ button. The impressions on Instagram posts with several saves tend to be high.

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We sell digital products. Thus, we do not offer refunds once those products have been delivered in accordance with the details of the order to which they relate. If we decide to cancel an order, your payment method will not be refunded. Rather, your account with us will receive “refund credit.”

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